Web Design

Why Everyone Hates Uber

In early 2017, there was a massive public backlash against ride-sharing company Uber, a backlash which seemed perhaps disproportionate to the specific actions that sparked it. However, Uber's behavior had been upsetting drivers, riders, and community members for much longer, and the backlash was simply the lid coming off the kettle.

To elucidate the situation, SumOfUs commissioned researchers to compile all of Uber's publically covered misdeeds. It fell on me to present the research in a easily digestible way, so I designed and this WhyEveryoneHatesUber.com as an interactive visualization of all the stories. Users can filter by location or by category and read excerpts and see links to the full stories.

A screen capture of the site can be seen below. Alternatively, you can go directly to WhyEveryoneHatesUber.com to see it live.

Bayer-Monsanto Merger

In the summer of 2016, German chemical giant Bayer and American agriculture titan Monsanto announced they would merge. The merger would create an organization with unprecedented market power in seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. SumOfUs commissioned leading anti-trust lawyers to investigate the tie-up. Their findings were very serious, and SumOfUs needed a way to showcase the findings in an easily-digestible way. As SumOfUs' in-house web designer, I was commissioned to design and build a single page website to do just that.

A screenshot of the site can be seen (and scrolled!) below. Alternatively, you can go directly to BayerMonsantoMerger.com to see it live.


The first internship I got outside of Northampton was at Klout, the social media scoring startup. I was assigned to work on the front-end team tasked with serving up Klout.com. While I was there, we launched a completely redesigned version of the site, which kept me busy throughout the summer.

However, it struck me as bizarre that none of the product managers were remotely bothered that our website was unrepentantly terrible on mobile, being not just ugly, but actually impossible to use on mobile because of several key buttons' placement, size, and use of rollover states. I first convinced them to serve an interstitial offering to take iPhone users to the App store to download our free iPhone app, a move vindicated by the Mixpanel analytics.

In the final week of my internship, I decided to build a mobile-friendly version of Klout.com as an independent project. I built it using the existing stack of Backbone.js, Handlebars, and Node.js, which was a great stack for mobile web development. Rather than changing global styles to create a responsive layout, I detected the user agent on the server and redirected to the mobile subdomain, which served a subset of styles and javascript optimized for touch and mobile screens. Though I didn't get to push the mobile site up to production myself, the team finished QA'ing the product and deployed it shortly after my school year started again.

Unfortunately for my ability to provide a live demo, Klout has since redesigned the entire Klout.com experience. They have again neglected the mobile user and do not provide a mobile site, but it was not an obstacle for their acquisition by Lithium Technologies in early 2014.

Agora Travel - Tour

I created these mockups for a fictitious startup for a business class. Agora Travel, the company, was to offer a marketplace for locals to give tours to tourists. This mockup shows a tour detail page.

Agora Travel - Search

I created these mockups for a fictitious startup for a business class. Agora Travel, the company, was to offer a marketplace for locals to give tours to tourists. This page shows the proposed search interface.

Princeton Chrome Theme

I created this Google Chrome theme sophomore year of college, when it occurred to me that the school ought to have its own browser theme for people who could do with a little more orange and black in their life. It's available in the Chrome store here.

Princeton Field Hockey Club

When I worked briefly for Princeton's Student Design Agency. I designed and implemented a simple Wordpress site for the managers of a youth sports program in Princeton, as well as designed new branding. The site is no longer in production, because though the Wordpress admin system gave them control over the content, they could not modify the layout and after two years realized that Squarespace was a better option for their needs.

Students for Education Reform

I created this website freshman year as a member of Students for Education Reform. As the organization transitioned from a student organization with a few chapters to a New York based non-profit with a full time staff, they needed a new website as they entered conversations with potential funders.