Why Everyone Hates Uber

In early 2017, there was a massive public backlash against ride-sharing company Uber, a backlash which seemed perhaps disproportionate to the specific actions that sparked it. However, Uber's behavior had been upsetting drivers, riders, and community members for much longer, and the backlash was simply the lid coming off the kettle.

To elucidate the situation, SumOfUs commissioned researchers to compile all of Uber's publically covered misdeeds. It fell on me to present the research in a easily digestible way, so I designed and this WhyEveryoneHatesUber.com as an interactive visualization of all the stories. Users can filter by location or by category and read excerpts and see links to the full stories.

A screen capture of the site can be seen below. Alternatively, you can go directly to WhyEveryoneHatesUber.com to see it live.